The Dual Shock 4 Could be a Major Game Changer For The Next Generation


We share everything. From pictures to pixels to status updates to tweets, we, as a whole, have become very reliant on social media. It’s fun, easy and helps us keep in constant contact with anyone and everyone we want (and sometimes don’t want). With the upcoming release of the PS4, Sony is set to take the social media aspect of sharing moments in life and allow gamers to project them to the world. Did you have an amazing multiplayer run? Click the dual shock 4’s share button and brag to the world. Did you get the sweetest kill in a death match? Load it up directly from your shiny, new PS4 console and show all your friends. The PS4 is going to change the way we socialize with gamers around the world and should take gaming to a new social level. The Dual Shock 4 and the PS4 could be a major game changer for the next generation and I can’t wait to play around with it.

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