Would A Nintendo Tablet Be A Good Idea?


It’s no surprise that has already begun work on their next generation console. It always happens; as soon as a company releases their new gaming machine, they immediately begin work on its successor. With the Wii, Nintendo introduced motion gaming to the masses and had outstanding success. With the Wii U, Nintendo wanted to bring a 2 screen experience to the home console and was greeted with so-so results. Some praise its dual screen experience while others have called the system underpowered and confusing to the normal consumer. Nintendo has found themselves in an interesting predicament as of late. That’s why we here at MVGN think that a Nintendo tablet device would not only be a good idea, it would be welcomed by us with open arms.

The good people over at Nintendo have a bit of an uphill battle when it comes to their next home console. Some believe that the big N should match Sony and Microsoft and bring gamers a very powerful machine that plays well with 3rd parties and its competitors while others say that Nintendo should leave the home console business all together and go 3rd party. What we believe here at MVGN is that Nintendo should explore a tablet like device that would be both their next portable device and their home console. The “Nintendo-Tab” would be similar to Apple’s own iPad and could feature Amiibo support as well as a thumb drive that allows gamers to stream their gameplay on their HDTV’s. The device would kill 2 birds with 1 stone (both portable and home console) and would still leave Nintendo room to give the device that “Nintendo magic”.

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If I Ran Sony, This is How E3 2012 Would Go Down

E3 2012 is now just 2 weeks away and Sony appears to already be showing its E3 hand before the big show. Titles like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, God of War IV, The Last of Us and LittleBigPlanet Kart Racing have already been announced and has many left wondering what Sony will show at this years conference.

Concluding my “If I ran…” set of stories, Here is how E3 2012 would go down if I ran Sony:

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If I Ran Microsoft, This is How E3 2012 Would Go Down

E3 2012 is right around the corner and the pressure seems to be on Microsoft this year as they have had a fantastic 2012 thus far and last year’s conference seemed a bit too focused on “Kinectivity”. The Kinect has no doubt found its way into millions of homes and has helped the XBOX 360 have longevity in this console race, I am just very interested to see what will happen this year at E3….

So, following our other story “If I ran Nintendo, this is how E3 2012 would go down“, If yours truly was in charge of Microsoft, this is how E3 2012 would go down.

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If I Ran Nintendo, This is How E3 2012 Would Go Down

E3 2012 is right around the corner. This time of year feels like Christmas time for gamers and E3 2012 will not disappoint. Nintendo is set to pull the curtain off their forthcoming Wii U console and the gaming public will finally get a chance to see what the big N has been working on for the last number of years.

If I was put in charge of Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference, this how it would go down:

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