FAST Racing NEO : Neo Future PACK DLC Trailer

Here is the FAST Racing NEO : Neo Future PACK DLC trailer for your viewing pleasure. The Wii U downloadable title reminds us of FZERO and may be the closest thing to Nintendo’s classic that the Wii U will see. The Neo Future DLC Pack is coming soon and introduces some brand new courses that certainly look stunning. It always surprises me what the team at Shin’en Multimedia can do…


FAST Racing NEO Selling Nicely


The recent eShop release, FAST Racing NEO, seems to be doing quite well on the downloadable service from Nintendo. The company had the following to say about FAST Racing NEO sales:

We had a bet running in the company on how many copies would be sold on day one. Martin called the highest number. And he was right. It was almost exactly the number he predicted. We are very pleased with the sales so far, but on the other side our preceding investment was very high as well. Anyway, currently it looks pretty bright for the sales.

HUGE congrats to the development team and here’s to many more downloads. FAST Racing NEO was just released this month and already seems to be doing very well. More as it develops.


Fast Racing Neo’s release date is quickly approaching for the Wii U and the good guys over at IGN recently sat down and played the impressive racer. The game boasts some crazy fast gameplay and silky smooth graphics and should be checked out by Wii U owners. If you are looking for a F-Zero type game, this may be right up your alley.

Check it out.

New FAST Racing NEO Info Coming Tomorrow


Here is an update on the upcoming Wii U racer, FAST Racing NEO. Information regarding the game is headed our way apparently tomorrow. The game, which runs at a silky smooth 60FPS, looks downright incredible so any news that we can get our hands on, we will welcome. Here is what the company had to say regarding the news:

And please FASTen your seatbelts because tomorrow we have big news for #FAST Racing Neo!

— Shin’en Multimedia (@ShinenGames) December 1, 2015

Color me excited.