Halo 5 Launch Trailer Arrives

The official launch trailer for the highly anticipated Halo 5 Guardians has arrived and you can check it out above. The XBOX One exclusive looks immaculate and we really can’t wait to get our hands on this one. Although I have yet to get an XBOX One gaming system (feel free to send me money anytime), I am eyeing the Halo 5 1 TB XBOX One bundle…

Check out the 2 and a half minute trailer and let us know what you think.

The Master Chief returns October 27th exclusively to XBOX One. Enjoy.

Halo 5: Guardians Release Date Revealed

Microsoft aired a live-action trailer for “Halo 5: Guardians” during the first commercial break of television’s “The Walking Dead,” revealing the game’s release date for the first time. Oct. 27 will be the official release date for the highly anticipated XBOX One game, Halo 5 Guardians.

The new trailer shows new franchise protagonist Jameson Locke speaking to and about Master Chief, with a gun pointed at his head. We can’t wait.

New Off-Screen Halo 4 Scattershot Gameplay

Even though this guy seems to be terrible at Halo, it gives us all a glimpse of what the scattershot gun will look and play like in Halo 4. Microsofts flagship FPS is set to release this November and is the first in the series developed by 343 studios.

I am a HUGE fan of the Halo franchise and cannot wait to battle it out with all of you in a couple of months. Are you guys excited for this one?