Has Been Heroes Review

One of the many titles that has hit the Nintendo Switch’s library is one called Has Been Heroes. The game, which was developed by the team that brought us the Trine trilogy, is a rogue-like RPG/Tower Defense title that tries to blend together two or three distinct genres of games, but ultimately falls short. While the game has a delightful art direction, the gameplay suffers a ton and makes this game just an OK entry into the Switch’s growing game library.

How does Has Been Heroes fair? Read on and find out!

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Nintendo Switch Game Has Been Heroes Gets Trailer

One of the many Nintendo Switch titles that have been announced, Has Been Heroes, has been given a nifty little trailer. The game features turn-based and RTS game workings that puts players in control of three characters in three lanes. It seems like an interesting concept so be sure to check out the trailer above.

Has-Been Heroes is scheduled for a March release and will retail for $19.99. Seems like it could be pretty decent.