Kirby for Nintendo Switch – Official Game Trailer – Nintendo E3 2017

One of the many surprises that was shown during Nintendo’s E3 2017 spotlight was the arrival of an all new Kirby game for Nintendo Switch. The game, which is headed to the system in 2018, surprised many (including my self) and was full of bright colors and gorgeous visuals. We were very happy to see this game during the spotlight and cannot wait to hear more.

Kirby is back in this new title coming to the Nintendo Switch console in HD. Recruit enemies as helpers, use Kirby copy abilities such as Sword, Fire and Water, and join forces with up to three friends for a different kind of team-up action. Coming 2018!

Enjoy the new trailer for Kirby on Switch.

Gamestop Accepting Pre-Orders on Kirby Amiibo’s


GameStop has now confirmed that the adorable Kirby Series amiibo will be up for pre-order in store and online tomorrow at 2pm CT. The colorful new Amiibo figures will work with the upcoming 3DS Kirby title. Ever since the release of these figures, they have sold a tremendous amount for Nintendo and we expect these toys to have a big presence for the company for years to come.

Check out the image above and let us know if you plan on picking these up.

Japan Getting Amiibo Diorama Kits



This just in, Japan (those lucky gamers) will be getting Amiibo diorama kits to showcase their collectable figures. I think this is an incredible idea and hope the big N decides to release these in the West. These nifty Amiibo diorama Kits will feature scenes from Super Smash Bros and Kirby’ sky of Dreamland. Only time will tell if they are released outside Japan but I could see this type of thing being a GOLD MINE for Nintendo.

Would you pick one up?

Source via MyNintendoNews

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse TV Commercial

Here is the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse TV Commercial for your viewing pleasure. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse looks to kick things off for the Wii U on February 20th and looks like a nifty little game. The title will retail for the budget price of $39.99 and will keep gamers busy for quite a while with its numerous collectables.

Check out the commercial and let us know what you think.