Knack 2-Player Coop Multiplayer Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay from Knackā„¢, showcasing the local two-player cooperative experience. Knack will be available exclusively for PS4 on November 15th.

Here is some Game Info in case you missed it:

Mankind must turn to Knack, an unlikely hero, to protect them from a dangerous new threat. The unassuming Knack stands at a mere three feet tall, but thanks to the power of mysterious ancient relics, he can transform into a powerful brute or even a gigantic wrecking machine. Knack is mankind’s only hope for turning the tide against the invading goblin army, but trying to harness the true power of the relics could threaten to put the whole world at risk.

Will you be getting Knack for PS4?

PlayStation 4 Demo Kiosks Start to Roll Out Across America


Sony has officially started to roll out PlayStation 4 demo kiosks across the US. Consumers will initially find units in select Sony Stores. GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart will soon display demos as well.

Playable games at the kiosks include Knack, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, FIFA 14, Contrast, Super Motherload, and Pinball Arcade.

Let’s get ready for Sony’s next machine!

PS4 Release Date Confirmed For Japan


Sony has just confirmed the release date for their forthcoming home console, PlayStation 4, for Japan. The console will be available starting on February 22, 2014. In a press conference today, Sony said that the date was determined based on when western titles and Japanese-centric titles would be available for the territory.

The PlayStation 4 Limited Pack will be offered to consumers in Japan at launch. The limited pack comes with the PS4 console and a download code for Knack.

Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week: Sony PS4 Knack Demo

Late Night show Jimmy Fallon continued his video game week by showcasing the family friendly Knack for the PS4. Knack for PS4 is set to debut alongside the system when it is released later this Holiday season. I love the obvious influences the title takes from animated movies and hope that this could become the next “Ratchet and Clank” game.

Knack will be a release title for the PS4 so look for it at launch.

Enjoy this Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week: Sony PS4 Knack Demo and let me know if you plan on getting the title.