All New Super Mario Bros U Screens

Here are some beautiful, new Super Mario Bros U screens for your viewing pleasure. Super Mario Bros U is set to be features in the upcoming issue of Game Informer magazine and should hit store shelves very soon. Although I would’ve LOVED to see Super Mario Galaxy 3, every time I see new info on Super Mario Bros U, I get more and more excited.

Check out the screens and let me know what you think.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Sales Update

This just in, the newly released New Super Mario Bros 2 for Nintendo 3DS has now sold over one million copies in Japan alone. The title, which is a throwback to classic Mario, has been selling like hot cakes and this number does not include digital sales of the title.

Did you pick up Mario’s latest adventure?

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

I think we can all agree that Princess Peach needs to invest in a new home security system but until that day happens, gamers everywhere will be treated to all new Mario adventures and will need to save her over and over again. Yes gamers, it’s that time again and with the arrival of New Super Mario bros 2 for Nintendo 3DS, we are treated to another nostalgic Mario title.

Does this game hold up to the series greatness? Read on and find out.

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Amazing Paper Mario: Sticker Star Box Art

Here is the gorgeous box art for the highly anticipated Paper Mario Sticker Star for Nintendo 3DS. The game is being developed by Intelligent Systems (responsible for the other ones in the series) and looks marvelous. I cannot wait as I am a gigantic fan of this series and the 3DS version looks to be one of the best. I LOVED the video trailers that I have seen on my 3DS and remind me of a living, breathing diorama.

Paper Mario: Stick Star is set to release November 11th in North America. Count me in Nintendo.