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Vainglory Tips and Tricks

This video showcases the recently released Vainglory for iOS (my new obsession). This video shows off Adagio and gives players some tips for the hero. If you like, please hit like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We plan on doing more video’s showcasing this recently released MOBA so leave a comment and let us know who you want us to cover next!

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PlayStation TV Launch Video

PlayStation TV is now available starting at $99.99!

A new, simple and fun way to enjoy a universe of PlayStation® games and entertainment with the entire family. Whether as a second console for your bedroom or the primary gaming system in your living room, PlayStation TV is an easy way for gamers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy playing games together.

Will you be getting Playstation TV?

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Super Meat Boy Forever Announced And It’s An Endless Runner

Team Meat has announced a new game and it will make its first appearance at PAX Prime 2014 this weekend. Super Meat Boy Forever is an endless runner for PC and tablets. Although a release date hasn’t been given as of this writing, we fully expect more to hear about its upcoming release in the next week.

Check out the quick video.

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PlayStation Now PS4 Open Beta Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough of the PlayStation Now PS4 Open Beta. This video will show players how to stream and play select PS3 games directly to your PS4. With PlayStation Now’s streaming access to an expanding library of games, you can jump in and out of game worlds whenever the opportunity arises. There are a number of different pay structures for the service and a possible subscription option may be available in the near future.

The PS4 Playstation Now beta will be available tomorrow.

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Playstation Now Video

The good guys over at Kotaku got a chance to sit down with Playstation now and here is what they had to say. Sony announced Playstation Now, a system that lets you stream older Playstation games and it’s currently in beta. Check out the video and see what they thought.

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Opening Expert Packs in Hearthstone For iPad 3

Here is a quick video of me opening some expert packs for Hearthstone on my iPad 3. Check it out and let me know if there is anything that catches your fancy. My lovely wife decided to leave this little surprise for me on my iPad so check out what cards I got.

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Hearthstone on iPad Opening Expert Packs

Here is a video of me opening some expert packs in Hearthstone on my iPad 3. I scored some quality cards so be sure to give it a watch and let me know if anything catches your fancy.

Did you download the game yet for iOS?

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Hearthstone on iPad- Opening Expert Packs

Here is a video of yours truly opening some expert packs in Hearthstone on iPad 3. I scored some quality cards so be sure to give it a watch and let me know if anything catches your fancy. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and drop us a few lines and give us some likes.

Did you download Hearthstone yet?

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Hearthstone Gameplay Video On iPad 3

Hearthstone has finally launched worldwide on iOS and your’s truly decided to take a video of it. Check out the video above featuring Hearthstone gameplay running very smooth on my iPad 3. Hearthstone is a TCG that is available for iOS, PC and MAC. An Andriod version of the addicting game will be coming out later this year.

Check out the video and make sure you subscribe to us on youtube. Leave us your Battlenet name in the comment section so we can play sometime.


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My All New Game Drop Dot is Out Now!

My all new game Drop Dot is out now! It’s available for iPad and iPhone. In Drop Dot, your task is simple; shoot and tap the falling dots before they reach the bottom of the screen. Its fast paced and addicting gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

Check out the trailer below and give it a download!

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