NBA Playgrounds Will Be Online “A Few Days After Release” For Nintendo Switch

It has been revealed that the Nintendo Switch version for NBA Playground will not initially feature online play. The team has announced that the Switch version of the game will include the much sought-after feature “a few days after release”. Matchmaking with friends is also another feature not activated from release and players will have to utilise leaderboards to specify who they play with.

While this seems to be a bit of a bummer, there will be a patch that players can download very soon to bring the game up to snuff. NBA Playgrounds looks pretty sweet and I plan on picking it up on Switch.

NBA Playgrounds will be released May 9 for $19.99.

NBA Playgrounds Release Date Revealed

NBA Playgrounds, a recently announced NBA game much in the vein of the immensely fun NBA Jam, will be hitting the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XBOX One on May 9th. The game will be available via your favorite downloadable stores and will run $19.99. Save up those credits my friends as NBA Playgrounds looks like it could be great fun.

I will be picking it up on Nintendo Switch so I can play it on the go and with friends anywhere. What about you guys?

NBA Playgrounds Announced For Nintendo Switch

Developer Saber Interactive has revealed that NBA Playground is coming to Nintendo Switch eShop in May! The surprise announcement caught myself off guard and was a welcomed surprise to say the least. The gameplay for NBA Playgrounds is very reminiscent of NBA Jam and offers a number of different game modes. Players will be able to be played solo, local-multiplayer, or “against the world” online. NBA Playgrounds will feature every single NBA team.

Check out the first trailer for this Nintendo Switch title above and let us know what you guys think. The cartoonish basketball game hits Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One next month as a digital-download for $20 USD.

More of “this” please.