Here is a gorgeous, 2 minute “overview trailer” for Bravely Second. Players who are looking for a preview of the adventures that await can download the free Bravely Second: End Layer demo, which is available now on the Nintendo eShop. The 2 minute trailer showcases typical RPG “stuff” but it’s still impressive non-the-less.

Check it out and let us know if this game catches your fancy. Enjoy.


Here is an all new TV commercial for Nintendo’s 3DS system. Does this make you want a 3DS under the tree this Christmas? I think Nintendo does a splendid job with this 30 second spot and it really catches your attention.

Well done Nintendo.


Here is the official commercial for Yo-Kai Watch for Nintendo 3DS. Yo-Kai Watch is set to be the next big thing among the North American public so it will be interesting to see how the game does at retail. Yo-Kai Watch took Japan by storm when it was released so we think North America will follow suite.

Check out the Yo-Kai Watch commercial and let us know what you think. Enjoy.

Here’s The US Yo-Kai Watch Commercial

Here’s The US Yo-Kai Watch Commercial for your viewing pleasure. The game has been crazy-popular in Japan so we expect a big push for this one when it’s finally released. The 30 second spot is a little quirky but we think it ads to its charm. Check out the official Yo-Kai Watch Commercial and let us know what you think.

Is this the next big thing?


Nintendo has released their official Holiday commercial for Nintendo 3DS and you can watch it above. The new 30-second TV commercial showcases the new Zelda, Pokemon and the insanely popular Super Smash Bros. Although we are certain there are a number of people who are already very happy with their Nintendo handheld, I am sure this will entice some consumers into purchasing the system.

Check out the new TV commercial and let us know if you dig it.


Here is one of the official TV commercials for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Design for Nintendo 3DS. The adorable 30 second spot does a magnificent job showcasing the game and will no doubt be one of Nintendo’s heavy hitters come Holiday time. Word out of Gamestop is that they are completely sold out of the New 3DS bundle for pre-orders so be sure to get in line early if you want to score the game and the system bundled together.

Check out the TV spot and let us know what you think.

Hyrule Warriors Headed To The Nintendo 3DS

And the video game news just keeps coming my friends… Today it was revealed that Hyrule Warriors, the popular Wii U game, is now headed to the Nintendo 3DS. Color us surprised at this announcement guys and gals. What’s also pretty sweet is that the game is not just the same game too; it offers a variety of new, playable characters such as Tetra and the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker.

Sounds pretty cool indeed. Check out the first trailer for Hyrule Warriors on 3DS and let us know what you think.

Monster Hunter: Stories Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has announced that they are making an all new, colorful Monster Hunter title called Monster Hunter: Stories. Monster Hunter: Stories is headed to the Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2016. The game looks pretty sweet in this opening trailer and the franchise has found a great home in the Nintendo 3DS.

Enjoy this Monster Hunter: Stories trailer everyone.

OlliOlli Will Be Cross Buy For Nintendo Systems

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.06.21 PM

Curve Digital has announced that their upcoming Wii U eShop title, OlliOlli, will be a cross-buy game. That means that if gamers purchase the Wii U version they will get the Nintendo 3DS version for free and vice versa. Great news and huge props to Curve Digital.