New Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct Incoming


Nintendo has just announced via Twitter, their plans to host an all new Japanese Nintendo Direct focusing on the battle system for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Wii U exclusive game and looks pretty darn amazing. The game is coming along rather nice and is slated to hit the system in the near future. Expect a ton of news regarding the games battle system.

The Direct is will air on March 6th. Stay tuned for more.

All New Nintendo Direct Incoming

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.54.16 AM

Nintendo has announced that they will be airing an all new Nintendo Direct tomorrow, January 14th. The upcoming presentation will feature company president Satoru Iwata and crew. The big N will focus on spring 2015 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases. I am excited to hear what they have to say so keep it here for all your Nintendo news.

What do you guys want to hear?

Nintendo Direct: Bayonetta 2 Live Steam

Here is the live stream for today’s Nintendo Direct featuring Bayonetta 2. The show will run approximately 30 minutes. Expect a ton of details regarding the game and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

Bayonetta 2 is set to release exclusively on the Wii U next month.

Nintendo Announces All New 3DS And 3DSXL

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced an all new 3DS and 3DSXL. The new systems feature a number of enhancements on the popular handheld so be sure to watch the announcement video above. The new 3DS and new 3DSXL system will have new 3D viewing angles, Amiibo support right out of the box, a new CPU and a C Stick.

Nintendo also announced that the new 3DS will arrive sometime in 2015 in North America.

Nintendo Direct Currently Trending on Twitter

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Don’t look now but Nintendo Direct is currently trending on twitter worldwide. Nintendo’s first presentation of the year has the gaming world watching and I hope Nintendo can deliver some memorable surprises. The Nintendo Direct for today will start at 5:00 pm EST and you can watch it live right here.

What do you guys want to see?