Here Are All The Icons For Nintendo Switch Profiles

A new image has appeared online and it showcases all the user icons that players will be able to pick from when Nintendo releases the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to pick from the images above to appear on their profile for the upcoming system.  The only image that is missing that players will be able to choose would be their Mii icon.  Only time will tell if Nintendo decides to release more user profile icons but I can see them putting a section on the Nintendo eShop for easy revenue.

Although I am not completely sold on what icon I will be picking, Gannon from Wind Waker is looking mighty fine.


Nintendo Switch ARMS Game Has a TON of Potential!

Is it me or does the Nintendo Switch game ARMS have a ton of potential? In case you missed it, I uploaded a brand new video discussing the Nintendo Switch exclusive and I think the game has massive potential. I wonder how much Nintendo will promote this game as it has a “Splatoon/Overwatch” character vibe… I could see a full line of Amiibo’s, DLC and a Joy-Con pack in bundle.

Only time will tell, but I hope Nintendo somehow sees this video. Spread the word everyone!

What do you guys think?

Japan is Gearing up For Pre-Ordering Nintendo Switch

Take a gander at the images above as they depict the Japanese public waiting to preorder Nintendo’s upcoming home console, Nintendo Switch. Preorders have sold out over here in the States (at least at Gamestop) so it will be interesting to see how quick the system sells out in Japan. Nintendo has promised that we will receive 2 million units during the release months and we expect the system to be a bit hard to find in the early going. If Nintendo plays this right, the system may outsell the Wii U rather quickly. I will be interested to see how this all goes down.

March 3rd can’t come fast enough! I can’t wait. Did you preorder the system?



NeoGaf user Las7 was nice enough to take the time to list the most popular Switch titles, by region, so check out the lists below. These are in order of trailer views for each Switch title. It’s a pretty sweet breakdown and interesting to see what Japan loves vs what we here in America are craving…

Check it out:

Nintendo America:
Mario – 7 mil
Zelda – 5 mil
MK 8 Deluxe – 2.2 mil
Sonic Mania – 1.9 mil
Bowser Family Fun – 1.8 mil
Splatoon 2 – 1.4 mil
Arms – 1.4 mil

Nintendo Japan:
Splatoon – 1.25 mil
Zelda – 860k
Mario – 840k
Bowser Family Fun – 570k
MK 8 Deluxe – 500k
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 194k

Nintendo UK:
Zelda – 130k
Mario – 125k
MK 8 Deluxe – 121k
Splatoon 2 – 35k
Project Octopath – 22k

Nintendo DE:
Zelda – 92k
MK 8 Deluxe – 18k
Mario – 17k
Switch 1 2 – 9k
Splatoon – 9k

Nintendo France:
Zelda – 56k
Mario – 24k
MK 8 Deluxe – 16k
Splatoon – 15k
Arms – 8k

Nintendo Switch Rumors Surface Before Big Reveal

All new Nintendo Switch rumors have surfaced before the systems big reveal early next month and I had to make a video. Normally I try and shy away from every single rumor that pops up but this one has some credibility. Check out the video and be sure to let me know what you think.

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How Will Nintendo Showcase The Switch on January 12th?

In case you missed my latest YouTube upload, check it out above! It’s a video about the Nintendo Switch and how Nintendo will showcase the system come January 12th. Nintendo has cryptically stated that it will be a “Nintendo Switch Presentation” so will there be no Nintendo Direct? We think it will be a combination of a Direct-like video and a live, Treehouse stream.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Will The Nintendo Switch Be Powered By USB C


USB C, a super fast charging cable that are currently used for powering up MacBooks, may be the charging device for the upcoming Nintendo system, Nintendo Switch. An accessories page from EB Games listed accessories for the upcoming device and pictured was a USB C type cable. The company has since removed the page, but was located right here.

Nintendo is set to show off the Switch next month and I am certain this rumor will indeed come true. If this pans out, it would be a huge “win” as the cable seems to be the future for charging devices. Any forward thinking for Nintendo, or any company for that matter, is a good thing.

More as it develops.

Nintendo Switch… The Price NEEDS to be Right!!

Hello again everyone! In this new Nintendo Switch video, I discuss the pricing of the Nintendo Switch and why I think the system needs to be priced PERFECTLY in order to move a ton of systems. Right now, consumers can purchase a PS4 or and XBOX One S for $249 so Nintendo needs to take note.

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Xenoblade X Port Headed to Nintendo Switch


Another day and another Nintendo Switch rumor! This new rumor points to a Xenoblade X (the Wii U exclusive JRPG) port headed to Nintendo’s next home console, Nintendo Switch. Laura Kate Dale tweeted out this info and from what we hear, this person is LEGIT with a capital “L”. Only time will tell, but the industry insider has been on point and we hope that this news comes true. The more the merrier in terms of games…

More as it develops.

Nintendo Switch; A Perfect Storm Brewing For Nintendo??!

Another day and another Nintendo Switch video. In this one, I discuss the “perfect storm” that seems to be brewing for Nintendo and their upcoming home console, Nintendo Switch. With all the positive news and all the interesting rumors, Nintendo may have a hit on their hands come March… Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

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