Nintendo NX Will Release in 2017


Nintendo has officially announced that it will be releasing its next console, codenamed NX, in March 2017. Many (including myself and my course) pinned the system as having a late 2016 release but the company has confirmed that the system will release in March 2017. Presumably the extra time is in preparation for the systems launch as Nintendo needs to hit it out of the park with this system. No other details were given but a vague “we will show the system later (not at E3) this year”…

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit disappointed… We will keep our ears to the ground and let you all know what we hear.

How do you feel about this news?

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Happy Birthday Tatsumi Kimishima


Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo’s new global president, is celebrating his birthday today. Nintendo’s Kimishima was born on April 21, 1950, making him the ripe age of 66. We hope he enjoys this wonderful day and we can’t wait to hear more from him in the future.

Happy Birthday Tatsumi Kimishima from Myvideogamenews!


Japanese Hardware Sales


The latest Japanese hardware sales are in and you can check them out below. Leading the way was the PS4 shifting over 20k in hardware units followed by the 3DS. Check out the full list below:

PS4 – 20.257
3DS – 19.657
PS Vita – 12.337
Wii U – 6.091
PS3 – 1.220
Xbone – 142

La-Mulana And La-Mulana 2 Director Creates Super Mario Maker Level

La-Mulana and La-Mulana 2 director Takumi Naramura has created a level for Super Mario Maker. Check out the video above to see the level in action. If you want to play the level itself, you can check it out right here. It’s always fun to see what other directors come up with. This one looks pretty brutal.


Gamestop Accepting Pre-Orders on Kirby Amiibo’s


GameStop has now confirmed that the adorable Kirby Series amiibo will be up for pre-order in store and online tomorrow at 2pm CT. The colorful new Amiibo figures will work with the upcoming 3DS Kirby title. Ever since the release of these figures, they have sold a tremendous amount for Nintendo and we expect these toys to have a big presence for the company for years to come.

Check out the image above and let us know if you plan on picking these up.

Nintendo NX: These Leaks Are The REAL DEAL!

There have been a number of leaks regarding Nintendo NX and we can now confirm that some of them are indeed true. As always we have been very careful reporting the leaks as we have already seen many of them to be fake (that weird controller mock up anyone?)… Anyway, give the video a watch and be sure to drop a comment below.

Take these rumors to the bank my friends! NX is coming.

Latest Japanese Hardware Sales

Here are the latest Japanese Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales) for your viewing enjoyment. Seems like every system (Except Wii U) took a dip and the PS4 was the overall winner.

Check out the list below:

PlayStation 4 – 23,889 (30,081)
New 3DS LL – 18,042 (22,020)
PlayStation Vita – 13,278 (17,153)
Wii U – 4,963 (3,541)
New 3DS – 4,420 (5,376)
3DS – 1,411 (2,069)
PlayStation 3 – 1,296 (1,537)
3DS LL – 242 (342)
Xbox One – 212 (207)


Miitomo Apparently Making 40K a Day in Revenue


Survey Monkey had the following to share regarding Miitomo’s daily revenue:

Making it rain – $280,000 per week

Monetization has also increased steadily and we estimate that the game is now making $40,000 combined per day across iOS and Android. Roughly 80% of the revenue is from iOS with Android only contributing 20%.

On a per-user basis, we estimate the app has an ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) of 3-4 cents. While low compared to mid-core games like Supercell’s Clash Royale, this is actually a healthy number for a more casual game like Miitomo, especially early on.

Miitomo, Nintendo’s first official foray into the smartphone market, has seen tremendous success thus far for the company and we don’t see it slowing down. Perennially, I have enjoyed the “social network” and can understand why people have flocked to the game due to its wide appeal. I will be interested to see how Nintendo’s future iOS and Android releases will fair as this is only the beginning for the big N.

Stay tuned for more Miitomo news. Have you downloaded Miitomo yet?


Minecraft: Wii U Edition Is Getting A Physical Release

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.41.12 PM

Great news for Wii U owners; it looks as though there will be a physical release for the popular Minecraft game for Nintendo Wii U. Up until now players had to download the title but it appears as though you will be able to head to retail and purchase a physical copy of the game. Although no specific release date has been given, it may be appearing sooner rather than later.

Good stuff Nintendo.