An all new No Man’s Sky trailer has hit, so give it a watch above and let us know what you think. The PS4 exclusive sure looks pretty ambitious and I am intrigued to say the least. Your Universe Awaits.

While some planets are beautiful and serene, many have extreme conditions that make survival difficult. Some planets will have extreme temperatures – from freezing lows to scorching highs – while others are drenched in toxic rain, heavily irradiated or completely submerged.

No Man’s Sky will release in August.


Your Universe Awaits my friends in the PS4 exclusive, No Man’s Sky.

There are 18 quintillion planets in the game. Even if each planet was visited at a rate of one per second, it would take five billion years to explore them all – by which the Sun in our solar system would have burnt out, essentially giving the game a near infinite number of worlds to explore!

No Man’s Sky has always caught my attention but I have always wondered if the game would be too expansive to truly enjoy. I hope that this one turns out nice as it seems to be very intriguing….I am just not completely sold on it.

What do you guys think?



In case you missed the news, No Man’s Sky has been officially delayed. The game, which was supposed to be released in June, will now hit store shelves in August. Here is a quote coming from the PS Blog:

Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely hard on our game, No Man’s Sky.
The game really has come together, and it’s such an incredible relief. As we sit an play it now, and as I watch playtesters every day, I can finally let myself get excited. We’re actually doing this.

However, as we approached our final deadlines, we realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.
After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in North America on August 9, in Europe August 10, and in the UK August 12.

We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.

The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.

And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well. This is the hardest working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

To the loyal community who’s stuck by our side since the unveiling of No Man’s Sky years ago, we hope you’ll accept our sincere apology and I am humbly asking that you’ll still look forward to exploring our universe despite the slight delay.
Thank you so much,

Disappointing news to say the least BUT we think the extra time will do the game good. No Man’s Sky is EXTREMELY ambitious so we won’t mind waiting a bit longer…


If you’re into the upcoming video game for PS4, No Man’s Sky, be sure to check out this all new video showcasing the ambitious games lore. In this video, Sean Murray, Dave Gibbons and James Swallow discuss the depth of lore and sci-fi references in No Man’s Sky and how they have approached creating stories in the No Man’s Sky universe.

No Man’s Sky is set to arrive in June. Enjoy!


Want to watch 4 minutes of raw gameplay from the upcoming No Man’s Sky game for PS4? Take a gander at the video above then my friends. This game looks remarkable and I am very eager to try it out myself. Recently No Man’s Sky for PS4 has been given an official release date and players can get their hands on it on June 21st.

Check out the footage above everyone.


The good people at Playstation Access recently sat down with the highly anticipated PS4 title, No Man’s Sky, and recorded the video above. The 24 minute video is filled with No Man’s Sky goodness so grab a nice drink and enjoy the video. The game recently got its official release date and will arrive at retail this June.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

PlayStation 4 – Exclusive PS4 Games 2015 Trailer

Here is a fantastic reel for exclusive PS4 titles to ring in the new year. Check out the video and let us know which games you are excited about. We are thrilled to be playing a brand new Uncharted late this year as well as No Man’s Sky. The Order: 1886 looks to be another stellar title. There will be a lot of great content headed to PS4 this year and we can’t wait.

Check out this new trailer and let us know what you think.

Will The Outstanding Indie Titles For PS4 Make You Want The System


Transistor, No Man’s Sky, Flower, Journey (one of my favorite games of last generation),the gorgeous Rime, The Witness, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, Resogun, and the list goes on and on. What do all these titles have in common? They are all indie titles headed to the PS4 (or have already released on the console) and all look incredible. While Sony’s new machine will have its fair share of AAA titles, the indie scene is thriving on the PS4 and may make some gamers purchase the system just for these amazing titles.

Will all these outstanding Indie titles make you want a PS4?


All of aforementioned titles are headed to PSN and promise gamers some imaginative experiences and fantastic gameplay. We can’t help but to  take notice every time one of these stand out indie titles is shown. No Man’s Sky looks grand in scope, RIME looks like a mix between Wind Waker and Ico, Journey will be re-releasing on the system for some who may not have enjoyed it last generation, The Witness will bring to PS4 and incredible puzzle style game and Hohokum looks downright joyful to play.

The PS4 has already garnered an impressive 10 million sales globally and it is only the beginning for the system.  Sony has a lot of momentum headed into the Holiday season followed by a plethora of positive press. No doubt, gamers all over the world seem to be flocking to the system but we here at MVGN are wondering how many people are taking notice of Sony’s latest home console with the long list of impressive indie titles.

This new generation of systems for all three of the big players has already proven to be a fantastic place for indie developers and there are no signs of slowing down. What was once thought of to be “simple” games, may now be a driving force behind gamers decisions to purchase a next generation system.

What do you guys think?  Will the indie games that are coming out have a major impact on what system you will buy or have already purchased?