Ori And The Blind Forest Developer Wants A NX Development Kit


Good news for gamers who are looking to purchase a NX this upcoming holiday season….More and more developers are requesting to get their hands on NX development kits from Nintendo which could only mean more games for the system whenever it’s released… The bad news- not everyone can get them!

The latest developer who is looking to get ahold of a development kit for Nintendo NX is the team over at Moon studio’s who created the XBOX One standout game, Ori And The Blind Forest. It has been heavily rumored that a number of big studios already have their kits for NX (which would make sense) but smaller studios like Moon are having issues getting their hands on one. Here is what Thomas Mahler had to say:

“This is actually THE singlest most annoying thing for every dev out there. We also talked to Nintendo and got absolutely nothing – I’ll never understand that. And just to be clear, it’s not just Nintendo, every hardware manufacturer is treating their devkits and their unreleased consoles like they’re the second coming and are insanely secretive about it to a stupid degree in todays time. It’s not even that the hardware isn’t finished (duh), but you could at least give me the goddamn specs, so we’d know what to build s*** for!

“What’s needed to sell hardware is goddamn good software. With Nintendo not having any devkits out there at this point and probably even wanting to sell it in 2016, I can already guarantee that they’ll just not have any software support, since nobody can just jumble games together in less than a year. I mean, you can, but it’ll be garbage.”

“The same is true for Engine Support – Get Unity and Epic to support these consoles WAAAAY ahead of release. By the time the console launches, it should be EASY for developers to develop games for these systems, things shouldn’t just only start at this point. I want the goddamn devkits or at least proper hardware specs ideally 2 years before release – Keep all the developers updated, start a forum where devs can chat and all figure out the problem everyone’s having, instead of everyone just having to deal with it. None of that’s happening anywhere and it’s just brain damaged.”

It should be noted that this isn’t just the case for Nintendo but all video game hardware companies. I, for one, would love to see Ori And The Blind Forest on the NX so we will pray that it happens.

More as it develops.


All New Ori And The Blind Forest Gameplay Trailer

Here is a gorgeous Ori and the Blind forest gameplay trailer for your viewing enjoyment. The long awaited indie platformer by Moon Studios ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ has finally received a release date and looks absolutely incredible.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for the platformer and let us know if you plan on picking Ori And The Blind Forest up when it releases on XBOX One.

Comic-Con 2014: Ori And The Blind Forest Floor Demo

Here is some brand new footage of the recently announced Ori And The Blind Forest from Comic-Con 2014. This new indie title is headed to XBOX One sometime this year and looks astounding. The title was announced at this year’s E3 2014 and has already caught the attention of the gaming community.

Beautiful Ori And The Blind Forest Screenshots

Perhaps one of the biggest surprise to come out of the XBOX E3 2014’s press conference was a indie title called Ori and the Blind Forest. Check out some amazing screenshots of the newly announced title and let us know what you think. Ori and the Blind Forest is already starting to make a splash around the internet and we will have more coverage of the highly anticipated title so keep it here.

Enjoy the screens.