Game director Jeff Kaplan recaps Overwatch’s incredible year and discusses what’s on the horizon in 2017, including potential hero balances, new maps, new heroes, and several quality of life improvements. Overwatch has been my favorite game of this year BY FAR and I cannot wait to play this game well into 2017. Overwatch has really been an amazing game for this year and we welcome all these new potential updates.

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The immensely popular FPS, Overwatch, is getting a pretty sweet winter update. The trailer above showcases what we can expect to see from now until early January, so start playing the game now!

Here is the festive description from Blizzard:

The season of giving (and receiving) is here, and we’re ready to celebrate. From now until January 2, every day is a snow day in Overwatch! Unwrap all new holiday-themed loot, take a stroll through the decked halls of Hanamura and King’s Row, and put your enemies on ice in our latest brawl: Mei’s Snowball Offensive.

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Overwatch’s Symmetra will be getting a hefty redesign, so check out the video above to learn about the new perks for the character. Overwatch is BY FAR my favorite game this year (and almost all time….YES it’s that good) and, being a bit of a Symmetra player myself, I welcome these changes with open arms! The developer really goes into a ton of detail with the new mechanics of the hero so be sure to watch. Symmetra will be the first hero in Overwatch to sport 2 Ultimates and I can’t wait to try it out.

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All New Overwatch Short; Sombra Officially Revealed!

Here is the an all new Overwatch Animated Short entitled “Infiltration”. “Infiltration” follows Reaper, Widowmaker, and (the newly announced) Sombra as they attempt to assassinate a high-priority target. But, when the operation doesn’t go as planned, the Talon agents are forced to improvise…

Check out the first look at the new character in Overwatch, Sombra, and marvel at its beauty (I really do LOVE these Overwatch animated shorts).




The Overwatch Halloween event details are now live and you can check out the full rundown below. Just like with the Olympic event over the summer, Halloween Terror will bring new skins, new loot, and a new brawl mode. Check out more details regarding Overwatch’s Halloween event below:

Halloween Terror runs from October 11th until November 1st.

There is a new brawl featuring Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein. He’s going to get his revenge!

There are twelve new skins that can be unlocked through loot boxes.

It looks like there’s an update to the Hollywood map. No other details to share right now.

All heroes have a new victory pose

Me wants that Mercy Skin!

Check out the video below:



Fans who have yet to play the incredible Overwatch game, this is your weekend! Blizzard is offering players a free weekend to test out their amazing team-based FPS Overwatch so download it now! The game is outstanding to say the least and offers so much depth for each one of their characters that should keep you busy for many HOURS. I am in LOVE with the title so be sure to download it and give it a go if you don’t already own the game.

Image of The Day: Adorable Overwatch


Here is today’s “image of the day”… It features my Game of The Year (thus far) Overwatch, in adorable fashion. This lovely artwork was originally found on Deviant art and was sent to me via email for “image of the day”…

If anyone knows who this artist is, please shoot me a comment so I can mark down the source for this amazing piece. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Blizzard has announced that the 2nd season for the competitive mode in Overwatch will start on September 6th. The news broke via a Tweet and we couldn’t be more excited. If you are an avid reader of this website, you will already know how much we love Overwatch. While it may come off as “just another FPS,” the game oozes with character and if you have ever checked out the animated shorts, they are truly a thing of beauty. I love hearing more about the characters and their backstories and cannot wait to see what’s in the pipeline for the popular shooter.

Let us know who your favorite character is! Mine is still Tracer although Genji and Bastion are moving up the list as well.


There are some brand new Reinhardt skins headed to Overwatch in the near future. No “official” release date has been given but expect the new skins to hit within the next couple of weeks. Overwatch has become my game of the year for 2016 and I am always excited to hear any news regarding the game. In case you missed the latest animated short for the title, click here and give it a watch. It’s the emotional back story for Bastion and is masterfully done…

Check out the new skins and let us know what you think.


It’s here! The new animated short for Overwatch. This one showcases everyone’s hero they love to hate, Bastion. In case you missed previous animated shorts, you are truly missing out. These Overwatch animated shorts are some of the best video’s made and you owe it to yourself to check it out. It tells the stories of the heroes perfectly and it really gets you into the characters.

If you have some time (and you really don’t need that much) check it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy…And if you like Overwatch, be sure to watch me live stream the game or check out my YouTube playlist.