Could Pokken Tournament Be Coming to Switch?

Could Pokken Tournament Be Coming to Switch? Well that seems to be the latest rumor around the internet today. According to Japanese retailer Sinobi, they have listed an arcade fighting stick for the Nintendo Switch and mentioned that the accessory is compatible with the Pokken Tournament. However it has since been noted that the post has been edited and that the reference made to Pokken Tournament has been removed. The arcade version of the game has added a number of characters so a “deluxe” version of the title would make a lot of sense.

E3 2017 is right around the corner so I am sure we will hear something soon. What do you guys think?


Pokken Tournament Ships 1 Million Units


Pokken Tournament, the popular fighting game for the Wii U, has now shipped over 1 million units. The title, which debuted on the Wii U 5 months ago, seems to have struck a cord with fans worldwide and we hope to see the game receive a much deserved sequel.

Good news for Bandai’s brawler… Here’s hoping we get another one on the upcoming Nintendo NX console.

Did you pick up Pokken Tournament for Wii U?


Incredible Pokkén Tournament Video

Here is an all new Pokkén Tournament video for everyone to enjoy. The game, which is headed to the Wii U on March 18, 2016, looks incredible. I am really hoping to get this one for my kiddos as it seems like a game that they could ALL get into (myself included). We love Smash Bros so this game seems like it would be a great fit for us.

Check out the new video and let us know if you plan on picking this one up. Enjoy.

Pokken Tournament Compatible With All Amiibo


Apparently the upcoming Wii U brawler, Pokken Tournament, will be available with all Amiibo. We knew that the game would work with the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card but what we didn’t know that the title will work with ALL Amiibo. Amiibo characters will unlock accessories for in game items.

Here is the quote regarding the news:

Compatible with all amiibo accessories unlocking in-game items.

Source via MyNintendoNews

Pokken Tournament Release Date Revealed


This just in, the release date for the hotly anticipated Pokken Tournament for Wii U has been revealed. Pokken Tournament will release on March 18th for the Wii U. The game will be arriving in Europe and the US on the same day so get in your preorder for the title. Check out the box art above as it features a bonus Amiibo card for players who purchase the game! Players who pick up the game with the Amiibo card will be able to unlock the Shadow Mewtwo playable character.

More as it develops.

An All New Pokken Tournament Fighter Will Be Revealed Next Week


An all new Pokken Tournament Fighter will be revealed next week so get ready for some news regarding the game. Once the fighter is announced, it will be the 13th fighter that will be available in the game. Pokken Tournament will be headed to the Wii U in the first half of this year.

The roster already boasts Blaziken, Charizard, Gardevoir, Gengar, Lucario, Machamp, Pikachu, Sceptile, Shadow Mewtwo, Suicune and Weavile. Does Pokken Tournament catch you eye?

Pokken Tournament Box Art Revealed (Japan)


The Pokken Tournament box art has been revealed so take a gander at the image above. This box art is for the Japanese version of the game but we expect the artwork to be very similar when it releases worldwide. Check it out and let us know if Pokken Tournament is something you will be interested in when it comes out.

Pokken Tournament Featuring Pikachu Libre

Bandai Namco have posted an all new Pokken Tournament trailer. In this video, players are able to get another look at “Pikachu Libre”. The humorous character was originally shown in the debut Wii U trailer last month and is quite funny. Check out the new trailer and let us know what you think.

Pokken Tournament is set to hit the Wii U in the first half of 2016. Enjoy.

Pokken Tournament Announced For Wii U And Coming Next Spring

It official everyone; Pokken Tournament has been announced for Wii U and is coming next Spring. The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today announced the upcoming release of Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U home console. Currently an arcade game available only in Japan, Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U will be released worldwide in spring 2016.

This is great news for Wii U owners who are looking for something to play on their systems come 2016 (besides Zelda of course). Check out the announcement trailer above.