Here is The Street Fighter V Collectors Edition


Capcom has decided to unleash the collectors edition for Street Fighter V for PS4. Priced at $99.99, the Street Fighter V collector’s edition includes the following items:

SFV game disc
The standard SFV game disc and case is included in every Collector’s Edition.
10 inch, fully painted Ryu statue
48p hardcover art-book
Code Cards for additional downloadable content:
A collection of some of Udon’s finest work with the Street Fighter comic series.
SFV Soundtrack Sampler
Twitch One-Month Subscription to Capcom Fighters channel

With all of these sweet collectors editions announced, it looks like I will have to save up a lot of money! Will you be pre-ordering this one?

Source: Capcom PR


Here is the official launch trailer for Destiny: The Taken King. It’s amazing that Bungie has put such an effort in supporting this game and it’s unusual to see something get this much support from its original launch date. Check out the launch trailer everyone and let us know if Destiny: The Taken king is for you.

Uncharted 4 Has An Official Release Date


One of the PS4’s most anticipated titles to date, Uncharted 4, finally has an official release date. The game will release on March 18th 2016. The game will release digitally along with a slew of special editions as well. I may be in for the $119 one as it comes with a lot of nifty items that would go great in my video game collection.

March seems so far away but I couldn’t be more excited. Will you be getting this one?


Man I really hope this series returns to greatness. I LOVED this series as a kid and I want to share that same love with my kiddos and the next generation of gamers. Check out this all new trailer for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 and let us know if you think this one will turn out decent.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 boasts an all-star lineup of skaters that represent the incredible diversity of skating today. Select from 10 pro skaters, which include long-time veterans to recent Skaters of the Year who grew up playing Tony Hawk games! Each pro brings their own unique skating style to the game, so whether you like street, thrasher, vert, ripper or hybrid skating, THPS5 has you covered!

All New Dragon Quest Heroes Trailer Arrives

An all new trailer for the PS4 exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes has hit the internet and you can check it out above. I am very eager to get my hands on this and I hope that the game turns out pretty good (it worked for the Legend of Zelda series so why not Dragon Quest).

Check it out and let us know if you are remotely interested in the game.

Street Fighter V: R. Mika Reveal Trailer

Capcom has released another character reveal trailer for the highly anticipated Street Fighter V for PS4. R. Mika is the newest character to join the series and gameplay looks outstanding. R. Mika made her first and only appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and now she’s making her triumphant return. As a flamboyant young wrestler, Mika dreamed of one day becoming a star in the ring, much like her idol Zangief. Training under the strict tutelage of her coach, she traveled the world engaging in random matches with street fighters in order to spread her name and popularity.

Check out the reveal trailer above and let us know what you think. Very nice throwback Capcom.


If you’re interested in the outstanding Just Cause series, be sure to check out the video above. This is a developer diary video featuring the upcoming title and it’s worth a watch. The video features a TON of things you can explode. Explosions and destruction in a video game are always fun ventures but this looks to take things to an all new level.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Here is the official launch trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The highly anticipated title received a perfect 10 from the good guys over at IGN and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Check out this excerpt from IGN’s review:

The Phantom Pain is the kind of game I thought would never exist – one where every minute gameplay detail has true purpose.

If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.