Is Rayman Coming to Super Smash Bros.


Could Rayman be headed to Super Smash Bros. in the near future? Check out the image above and the video below as some convincing footage and screenshots have surfaced that have everyone’s favorite limbless hero joining the battle in Smash. Although nothing has been confirmed, presumably the character would be apart of some sort of un-announced DLC for the popular game.

What do you guys think? Is Rayman coming to Super Smash Bros?

Rayman Challenges App Review


Hello everyone. My name is Gary and I am an addicted to the Rayman Challenge App for Wii U. My obsession for
the Rayman Challenges app for Wii U is borderline unhealthy. I think about this game when I wake up. I play this game before I go to bed. I watch video’s on the game to see how other people are doing. I obsess over getting an extra second or two in my distance run. Yes my friends, I am addicted to the new Rayman Legends game and I cannot wait until this one is finally released on the Wii U.

How does this new app fair? Read on and find out.

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iOS: Rayman Jungle Run Review

The wizards over at Ubisoft have done it again and have crafted one of iOS’ best titles to date in Rayman Jungle Run. The title looks stunning and follows the same, beautiful graphic style that has graced this generations best platformer; Rayman Origins. The title looks and plays beautiful on any iOS device but truly shines on the new iPads retina display.

How did this game fair? Read on and find out.
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