Has F-Zero U Has Just Been Outed

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Rumor: F-Zero U Has Just Been Outed?

Ah Twitter, you lovely little (HUGE) social network. According to a new tweet, F-Zero U has just been outed by Shin’en Multimedia. In a conversation with one of its followers, Shin’en Multimedia had the following to say when user @Rayquaza3010 questioned them about a possible F-Zero Wii U game:

Don’t worry, we have something in the works.

Fans of the popular racing series have been clamoring for an all new F-Zero title and a F-Zero game for Wii U would fit the bill. F-Zero GX, which was release on the Gamecube, looked incredible so I can only imagine what F-Zero U would look like.

Keep it here as we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more F-Zero U rumors. Would you like to see F-Zero on Nintendo latest home console?

Burnout Paradise May be Receiving Sequel

According to this tweet, Burnout Paradise may be receiving a much deserved sequel. The tweet reads as follows:

If we were to make a sequel to Burnout Paradise- what should be in it #BurnoutParadise2

The Burnout series is one of my favorites and a sequel would seem like a no brainer to me… If this pans out to be true, what would you guys like to see?

Wii U North American And Japanese Release Date Leak

Mark your calendars for November 18th 2012 gamers; this is when the Nintendo Wii U will launch in North America according to a new rumor that has popped up today. According to an email that the WiiUDaily has obtained from a Japanese retailer, the Wii U launch date is pegged for Sunday, November 18, 2012 for North America, and one week later for Japan. While we will not know the truth until E3 2012, Nintendo does release their products on Sunday’s and November is prime time to release new hardware. Although it’s all pure speculation, I could see it happening…

As expected, Nintendo has commented¬†on the rumored date stating that the company does not “comment on speculation or rumors”….

More as it develops.

When would you like to see the WiiU released?