3D Chalk Art Metroid Prime “Samus” Video

Now this is pretty sweet… Check out this incredible time lapsed video showcasing a glorious 3D chalk rendering of Metroid Prime Samus. It’s things like this that truly amaze me and deserves a watch from everyone who likes video games. The effect was achieved by a slightly curved piece of paper.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. This guy is truly talented.

Defective Samus Amiibo eBay Auction Fetches a Cool $2,500


You know that dual arm Cannon Samus Amiibo figure we wrote about? Well that defective Samus Amiibo fetched a cool $2500 on eBay. That rare figure was topping the $1000 mark 3 days ago and has ended at $2500. Impressive figure to say the least.

Keep those eyes peeled gamers for defective Amiibo’s.

The Dual Wielding Samus Amiibo Already Over $900 on eBay


The Dual Wielding Samus Amiibo figure that was picked up at retail, is currently going for over $900 on ebay. There’s still over three days remaining before the auction ends so expect that number to rise before the dust settles. The extremely rare Amiibo figure has been the talk of the internet in recent days and we are interested to see how high this figure gets before the end of the auction.

Bid now on this extremely rare item.