PlayStation E3 Experience: LIVE in Theaters June 15

The PlayStation E3 Experience is headed to over 75 theaters and will be completely free for people who want to check it out. PlayStation is inviting fans across the US and Canada to come together and watch the excitement and announcements of E3 LIVE in over 75 movie theaters across North America. Attendees will get access to an exclusive 30 minute post-show hosted by Geoff Keighley and a special PlayStation surprise.

Sounds pretty awesome to me.

E3 2015 Predictions For PS4


E3 2015 is right around the corner and we here at MVGN are ready to give our top 5 PS4 E3 2015 predictions. With well over 20 million consoles sold, the PS4 is a force to be reckoned with and this year’s E3 is going to be something big for Sony. Will we see the return of a Sega classic on the PS4? Will The Last Guardian skip E3 yet again? Will the PS4 receive a price cut?

Read on and enjoy our predictions for PS4’s E3 2015.

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M Bison Reveal Trailer For Street Fighter V

Here is the first reveal trailer of M Bison. The PS4 exclusive Street Fighter V is looking mighty nice and we will welcome it whenever it’s released. There was no doubt in our mind that Bison would be making an appearance but if you check out the video, Bison has some new tricks up his sleeve. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

We think he looks pretty bad ass.

New God of War III Remastered Trailer Shows Full 1080p/60fps Gameplay

An all new trailer for the God of War III remaster has hit and it showcases the game in beautiful 1080p/60fps gameplay. The game will be available in stores and digitally on 15th July. Platers who decide to preorder God of War III Remastered, you’ll get the brand new God of War – Fall of Olympus Dynamic Theme.

Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference Date


Sony has officially announced details regarding their E3 2015 press conference. The Sony press conference for this year’s big show will take place at its normal date and time. The press conference is scheduled for Monday, June 15th at 6pm PST (9pm EST). We think that Sony is going to have some very impressive stuff this year as we are still waiting to hear what they have in store for this Holiday season. We expect Sony to have a massive show and it will be interesting to see how things go down.

Here Are The Latest Hardware Sales From Japan


The latest hardware sales from Japan are in and you can check them out below. The handheld market is still very much alive as the 3DS and PS Vita take the top two spots for last week. Sony’s PS4 rounds out the top 3 for hardware sales.

Check out the list below:

3DS – 26.092
PS Vita – 17.938
PS4 – 15.992
Wii U – 11.137
PS3 – 4.351
Xbone – 187

Japanese Hardware Sales


Here are the latest hardware sales for Japan (followed by last week’s sales). As we can see, the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X and Dragon Quest X for Wii U really helped the system surge to the top of the charts over seas. The PS4 and PS Vita rounded out the top 3 spots.

Check out the numbers below:

Wii U – 22,898 (7,210)
PlayStation 4 – 19,782 (20,112)
PlayStation Vita – 17,748 (15,467)
New 3DS LL – 17,062 (13,981)
New 3DS – 5,901 (5,329)
PlayStation 3 – 3,956 (4,248)
3DS – 1,520 (1,095)
3DS LL – 1,465 (1,253)
PlayStation Vita TV – 687 (558)
Xbox One – 341 (201)


Here is an all new look at Project Morpheus. Although it’s a very quick glance at the device, it’s still promising to see some new footage. We fully expect to see more on Sony’s VR headset come E3 and maybe we will hear some release info come June.

Check out this quick video and let us know if this catches your fancy.

Here Are The Latest Japanese Hardware Sales


The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are in and you can find the numbers below. Sony is sitting on top of the charts taking the top 2 spots while the New 3DS LL rounds out the top 3. Check out the latest Japanese hardware sales numbers below and let us know what you think:

PS4 – 20,112
Vita – 15,467
New 3DS LL – 13,981
Wii U – 7,210
New 3DS – 5,329
PS3 – 4,248
3DS LL – 1,253
3DS – 1,095
Vita TV – 558
Xbox One – 201