Star Fox Guard Trailer

Like the title says, here is a trailer for Star Fox Guard. This nice little addition comes packaged with Star Fox Zero that is headed to Wii U next month. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard is set to launch in one complete package in both North America and Europe on April 22nd.

With all the new news coming out for Star Fox Zero, the game is shaping up to be something nice for Wii U owners… I am still on the fence however. Convince me to buy this game!

Star Fox Guard Officially Announced


During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Star Fox Guard for Wii U. The title will be packaged with Star Fox Zero and has players placing camera’s on a level in order to destroy its enemies. This was a nice little surprise from today’s show and players will be able to upload their own creations for other gamers to play.

Look for Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard to release in April.