Here is the official TV commercial for Star Fox Zero. The Wii U exclusive hits the system this month and has been coming along rather nicely since its reveal. I hope this one turns out to be pretty sweet and keep in mind that Star Fox Zero comes packaged with Star Fox Guard as well. I am very eager to read the first review on the game and I hope to get my hands on a copy when it’s released.

Star Fox Zero is set to hit on April 22nd. Check out the commercial above and let us know if this catches your fancy.


Here is an all new Star Fox Zero trailer to help you get ready for the Wii U’s release later this month. This new Star Fox Zero trailer is entitled “let’s back up the squadron” weighs in at just under 6 minutes and gives us a nice glimpse of the upcoming title.

The game sure does look like it has come a long way since it was shown…

Here’s The New Star Fox Zero Trailer

Star Fox fans get ready; an all new Star Fox Zero trailer has arrived so watch it above. Star Fox Zero launches in Europe and North America on April 22nd and comes packaged with the bonus game Star Fox Guard as well. The 30 second spot looks exactly like an official TV commercial so I am guessing we will see this running on the tube sooner rather than later.

Check it out and let us know what you think. The game looks like it has come a long way since last year. Here’s hoping it turns out great.

Star Fox Guard Trailer

Like the title says, here is a trailer for Star Fox Guard. This nice little addition comes packaged with Star Fox Zero that is headed to Wii U next month. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard is set to launch in one complete package in both North America and Europe on April 22nd.

With all the new news coming out for Star Fox Zero, the game is shaping up to be something nice for Wii U owners… I am still on the fence however. Convince me to buy this game!

Star Fox Zero Now Has an Official Release Date


The Wii U exclusive Star Fox Zero now has an official release date. The delayed game is now headed to Wii U owners on April 22nd. The game was showcased during today’s Nintendo Direct and the new release date was officially announced. Players will be able to pilot multiple vehicles in the new game and it looks pretty slick thus far.

What do you guys think about the new release date?

Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed


Nintendo has announced that Star Fox Zero has been delayed for Wii U. Star Fox Zero is now set to release sometime in early 2016 so expect some more details regarding the Wii U exclusive in the very near future. This is a bit of a blow to the Wii U’s holiday lineup but a delayed game typically turns out better in the end.

What do you guys think?