Nintendo Switch; Will Mario Odyssey be The Only Game at E3 2017?!

Last year Nintendo took a gamble at E3 and only showcased 1 game… That game of course was The Legend of Zelda The Breath of The Wild and it walked away as one of the most anticipated titles of all time…. This year we wonder if the big N will do the same only with Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Coming To Switch Holiday 2017

The latest and greatest Mario title has been revealed and it looks absolutely INSANE! Super Mario Odyssey will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch this Holiday season. Yes my friends, Super Mario Odyssey will be a GIANT holiday title for Nintendo’s newest system. Please check out the trailer below as it is one amazing trailer. After seeing this, Nintendo Switch is going to be hard to deny come holiday…

Check out the Super Mario Odyssey trailer below:

Nintendo Switch; How Will Nintendo Keep up With Demand?!

In case you missed my latest and greatest Nintendo Switch video, check it out above! With the NES classic selling out and the release of the Nintendo Switch approaching in March, we explore how Nintendo plans to keep up with the demand for their new system. The Nintendo Switch looks like it’s going to have an exceptional release window and we think the big N has a trick or two up their sleeves still for the console so it will be interesting to see how things turn out next year.

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Will The Nintendo Switch Cost $249?


The Nintendo Switch’s price might have just been leaked way by the Canadian website for Toys “R” Us. The popular toy retailer listed the Nintendo Switch to “weigh in” around $329.99 Canadian dollars, which roughly equates to $245 – a price that could be rounded to $249 and possibly €249 for Europe. While there is no confirmation on this (we actually think there could be multiple Sku’s due to bundles), this price point certainly does have a nice ring to it. At $249, the Nintendo Switch may be hard to deny when it’s released in March.

More as it develops so stay tuned for more Nintendo Switch news.

How Super Mario Run Could Help With The Launch of The Nintendo Switch

In case you missed my newest YouTube video, check it out above! New rumors are suggesting that the all new Mario game for Nintendo Switch will indeed be a launch title for the system when it releases in March. In this video I discuss how Super Mario Run (the iOS Mario game) could help Nintendo and their launch with the Switch by getting the general public excited for Mario again this December. Check out the video and let me know what you think. If you’re feeling awesome, be sure to subscribe to the channel.

All New Mario in Development


Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has told EDGE that his team are already at work creating a new Mario title, but wouldn’t reveal which platform the game will come to. EAD Tokyo team leader Kenta Motokura said that if the game does come to Wii U then they need to figure out ways to make better use of the Wii U GamePad.

“Yoshiaki Koizumi says that while work has begun on the new game, it could not confirm whether it’ll be 3DS or Wii U title. “That’s still a secret!” he says. “I can tell you, though, that we’ve already started approaching our next challenge.”

“There’s still a lot more room for discovery and invention, and we’ll continue to propose new and exciting game mechanics going into the future.” If follow-up to Super Mario 3D World is to be a Wii U game, co-director and EAD Tokyo team leader Kenta Motokura says his team “might need to make even more use of the GamePad.”


Take a Look at Super Mario Galaxy – SD Vs. HD

The good guys over at NintendoLife have put together this amazing video showing what Super Mario Galaxy looks like in HD. Please note: This footage is a hypothetical demonstration designed to illustrate what a Wii game might look like running in High Definition. It is NOT a trailer for an official Nintendo product, and is not affiliated or endorsed by Nintendo in any way.

New Super Mario Bros 2 Sales Update

It has been revealed that the highly anticipated New Super Mario Bros 2 sold an astonishing 431,000 copies in just two days when it was released in Japan on Saturday. The game has received positive praise from reviewers around the internet and heads to retail next month here in the states.

New Super Mario Bros 2 is set to be released in Europe on August 17th, and in North America on August 19th. Count me in Nintendo.