Customizable Controls Headed to ARMS

Good news for fans of the standout Switch title ARMS; Nintendo has revealed that you’ll soon be able to customise the controls for the game. This news comes via Twitter and will make some fans very happy. More options for ARMS is always a good thing so we can’t wait to customize our setup. Keep in mind that Lola Pop is headed to the title soon so be excited about that.

Good stuff all around.

Stardew Valley Has Officially Been Submitted To Nintendo For Approval

If you’re looking to play Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, you may be playing the game sooner than you think. The news came today via Twitter that the game has now been officially been submitted to Nintendo for approval so keep those fingers crossed for a quick release.

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017 VIDEO

Did you miss the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017 video? Well give it a watch above and let us know which Nindies excited you. I actually watched the showcase on my break at work and I do have to say; it was impressive. From the Super Meat Boy Forever Nintendo Switch Trailer to Travis Strikes Again (No More Heroes), there was something that should interest everyone. I personally thought that Nine Parchments stood out so I cannot wait to play that one.

Check out the Nindies summer showcase and let us know what you think!

Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition Is Coming October 20th

Nintendo has just announced that they will be releasing a special edition for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch. The Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition includes 3 CDs, a dual-sided poster and 25 character art cards. My birthday is the day before so if anyone wants to get this for me, feel free =)

This, along with a number of high profile games, will make the Nintendo Switch library something special especially for the systems first year of release. Color me excited Nintendo.


All New Splatoon 2 Advertisement Featuring We Bare Bears

An all new Splatoon 2 advertisement has been aired featuring the cast of We Bare Bears, so check it out above. Nintendo has decided to team up with the popular cartoon and help promote its newly released Switch titles. I think it’s brilliant marketing and I am so happy that the big N is promoting the Switch this way.

Check it out. Enjoy.


According to new sales information, Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch has already sold over 1 million units in Japan alone. This is a monumental number for a game that’s only been out for a couple of weeks AND only tallied sales for Japan. The title currently sits at 1,013,842 units sold after this week’s data. Add in sales from US and Europe and the title could be pushing 2 million sold easily.

More on the sales of Splatoon 2 as it develops.

Congrats Nintendo.


Pokken Tournament DX Demo Coming This Week

Pokken Tournament DX’s demo will be released this Thursday in the eShop. Nintendo UK revealed this outstanding news today after it was teased earlier this week. As I mentioned before when we covered Pokken Tournament, I skipped out on the Wii U version so I may be picking up the Switch version next month. I think that Pokken Tournament is going to make perfect use of the Switch and should be fun to take anywhere on the go.

Will you be picking up Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch?

Here’s The Pokkén Tournament DX North American Commercial

As the title of this post states, here is the Pokkén Tournament DX NA TV commercial for the Nintendo Switch. Take on a Pokémon battle anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch! Pokkén Tournament DX available exclusively for the system on September 22nd, 2017. I have stated this before and I will say it again, I missed out on the Wii U version of the game so I may pick this up next month when it’s released. Pokkén Tournament seemed like it got pretty good ratings as far as reviews go so I have high hopes for this one.

Check out the 30 second spot and let us know what you think.

Next Splatfest Has Been Confirmed… Flight Or Invisibility?

The next splatfest has been announced for the ultra-popular Splatoon 2 game for Nintendo Switch. The next event will pit flight against invisibility… Which superpower will you choose? The Splatfest will begin on the first weekend of September and should be a good time. Personally, I think I would choose invisibility but it’s definitely a hard choice.

Which would you choose?

Mewtwo Battle Introduction Trailer Hits Pokken Tournament DX

Here is a Mewtwo Battle Introduction Trailer for Pokken Tournament DX. Pokken Tournament DX was announced for the Switch and is set to release on September 22nd exclusively for the system. Since I skipped Pokken Tournament on the Wii U, I may look into picking this one up late next month. I know my kids will LOVE Pokken Tournament DX and I think it’s going to be a great addition to our growing Switch game library.

Check out the new trailer and let us know if you plan on using Mewtwo when Pokken Tournament DX releases.