Tales of Zestiria Announced for PS3


RPG fans rejoice, Tales of Zestiria has been announced for PS3. The game, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series, was announced earlier today. Check out some details regarding Tales of Zestiria below and hit the break for a low quality trailer of the game.

– Zestiria refers to “Zest”, meaning passion or zeal;
– Game has character designs from Inomata, Fujishima, Okumura, and Iwamoto;
– Seems to be more “open-world” and to have “bigger fields”;
– Takes place on the continent of Greenwood;
– War between the Highland Kingdom and the Lawrence Empire;
– Baba says that they built the new LMBS based on surveys asking what system fans enjoyed the most;
– The story will revolve around the subject of “dragons,” which is also the reason why it’s shown in the logo of the new title. According to Baba, dragons symbolize fantasy, which is something they’d like to focus on for the upcoming title;
– UFOTABLE confirmed;
– Hikaru Kondo, producer of Japanese animation studio Ufotable, who worked on the Tales of Symphonia OVAs, will also be involved in the development of Tales of Zestiria;