Tomb Raider Review

The all new Tomb Raider is a shining example of how a reboot to a series should be done. Not only does the new Tomb Raider meet my high expectations for this title, it shattered them and brought Lara Croft back from the brink of obscurity. The new reboot is near flawless and is a true testament to the team at Crystal Dynamics.

How did this game fair? Read our official Tomb Raider review to find out.

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Tomb Raider Reborn Trailer

Here is the AMAZING Tomb Raider Reborn Trailer. The new Tomb Raider is going to be something special and I just paid off my preorder earlier today. Reviews have already hit for this upcoming game and nearly all of them have been very positive.

I urge you all to check out this Tomb Raider Reborn trailer as it is very impressive to say the least.

Tomb Raider Reborn launches on March 5th.

Tomb Raider PS3/360 Comparison

Here is a Tomb Raider PS3/360 comparison for your viewing pleasure. While the game is going to look incredible no matter what version you get, from this video it appears as though the PS3 version may have a slight edge in terms of graphics. The new game has been getting rave reviews from nearly anyone who touches it and we will have our official review in the very near future.

Check out the Tomb Raider PS3/360 comparison video and let me know which one you think is better.

Tomb Raider is set to release on March 5th in North America.

Tomb Raider Has Received Its First Review

One of my most anticipated titles has just received its first review score and it seems to be all positive. Tomb Raider has received its first review, courtesy of this month’s issue of GamesMaster and the game received an impressive 90% score. The magazine had high praise for Tomb Raider’s visuals giving it a 95% rating in the category.

Players can look forward to 10-15 hours for the main story, though GamesMaster notes that it’ll take 20 to fully explore the island.

GamesMaster sums up:

“Sitting back exhausted we were left with just one question dribbling forth from our gaping jaws. How on earth are they going to top this in the sequel? Because of one thing there can be no doubt. Lara is back.”

Great news and I can’t wait!


Tomb Raider “Monastery Escape” Gameplay Walkthrough

Here is a new video starring the highly anticipated Tomb Raider reboot entitled Tomb Raider “Monastery Escape” gameplay walkthrough.

This new reboot has become one of my most anticipated titles and I hope that the new Tomb Raider delivers. I love the nod to the outstanding Uncharted series and feel that this new reboot could be something very special.

Time will tell, but we won’t have to wait much longer.

Enjoy the Tomb Raider “Monastery Escape” gameplay walkthrough video.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Gameplay

Here is an all new Tomb Raider multiplayer gameplay video for everyone to check out. The new Tomb Raider launches in March and looks to be something special. I love all the videos thus far and am very eager to get my hands on this one.

Enjoy the new multiplayer gameplay and let me know if you plan on getting this when it’s released.