Want to know how to make the adorable Yarny from the upcoming video game Unravel? Well want no more and check out the video above. The video showcases exactly how you can create your own Yarny character. The new game from EA has definitely caught my attention and I will be picking this one up when it’s released on PS4. Yarny’s adventure begins on February 9 in Unravel.

Enjoy everyone.


Ever since Unravel was shown for PS4, the game has really caught my attention. It’s always nice to see a different sort of game and the main character just pulls on my heart strings. Creative Director Martin Sahlin talks about the inspiration for Yarny in Unravel, the character you’ll guide through the game, and how the story influenced the gameplay. Unravel is set to hit the PS4 next month. The game will also be available on PC and XBOX One.

Unravel PS4 Story Trailer

Yarny’s adventure begins on February 9 in Unravel, a physics-based puzzle platformer starring a tiny yarn character with a huge heart. I urge all of you who love platforming titles to watch this gorgeous trailer and comment away. I wasn’t really excited about this one but my enthusiasm has grown tremendously. I will be downloading this game come February 9th.