Here is The Official Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Box Art


The official box art for the upcoming Mario Tennis Ultra Smash has been revealed and you all can check it out above. The upcoming Wii U title is headed exclusively to Wii U and will be one of Nintendo’s premier titles headed into the Holiday season. Although this one may be falling under the radar (we still haven’t seen too much of it yet), we fully expect the game to be great fun and cannot wait to try it ourselves. Of course, we are praying that Nintendo showcases the game in an all new Nintendo Direct but I am not holding my breath for it.

Do you dig the box art?



Splatoon’s next Splatfest has been announced and will arrive next week. The all new North American Splatfest will start October 9th. This time we ask: how would you rather travel, by car or by plane?

On one hand, you can stop whenever you want in a car but you also spend more time getting to your destination. Air travel can be a bit more stressful but you get free snacks!
We’ll settle this once and for all when the next Splatfest starts on Friday, 10/9, at 9 PM.

Which will you choose?


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Release Date Announced

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.15.07 PM

Nintendo has revealed the official release date for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for Wii U. The exclusive title will head to Nintendo’s home console on November 20th. Players who wish to preorder the game may do so at their favorite gaming store.

This one should be a good time for everyone.

LEGO Dimensions to be Supported For 3 Years


TT Games has confirmed that LEGO Dimensions will be supported with add-on content for at least another three years. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, the developer has stated they have “no intention of stopping” when it comes to adding DLC and figurines to the latest addition of the LEGO franchise. Here is what TT Games’ associate producer Mark Warburton said regarding the title:

“We have a three year plan at the moment and we’ve got no intention of stopping there. We’ve created the technology to the degree that we’re happy it meets our needs for the future. We’ve created the toy pad so that it shouldn’t need to be updated. And we can just create new level and character packs to keep expanding that.

“You can 100 per cent the game and get the Platinum trophy just from the base set. People have been playing Lego games for 10 years now, and we shouldn’t be offering anything less than that. You get the game, you get the toy pad, you get 200+ odd level bricks. We think we’re offering a lot of value with that and there’s a lot of gameplay there. There’s also a huge offering [of extra content] if you’re a fan and want to get into that we support that. But if you’re only a fan of particular thing you can only get that.”

Sounds great to us! Did you invest in LEGO Dimensions?

Skylanders Superchargers Launch Trailer

Here is the official Skylanders Superchargers Launch Trailer for your viewing pleasure. The Nintendo Wii U version of the title feature some very special cameos so if you have the choice, make sure you pick Skylanders Superchargers for the system. The introduction of vehicles is a first for the popular series so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Check out the Skylanders Superchargers launch trailer and let us know if the series still piques your interest.

Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed


Nintendo has announced that Star Fox Zero has been delayed for Wii U. Star Fox Zero is now set to release sometime in early 2016 so expect some more details regarding the Wii U exclusive in the very near future. This is a bit of a blow to the Wii U’s holiday lineup but a delayed game typically turns out better in the end.

What do you guys think?

Lego Dimensions Launch Trailer Arrives

Lego’s entry into the “toy to life” category is set to kick off soon so be sure to watch the launch trailer for Lego Dimensions above. Lego Dimensions will allow gamers to personally build there own portal and span across all the home consoles. It should be interesting to see how Lego Dimensions stacks up against the already established Sklanders and franchises.

Check out the release trailer and make sure you let us know what you think.

Pokken Tournament Featuring Pikachu Libre

Bandai Namco have posted an all new Pokken Tournament trailer. In this video, players are able to get another look at “Pikachu Libre”. The humorous character was originally shown in the debut Wii U trailer last month and is quite funny. Check out the new trailer and let us know what you think.

Pokken Tournament is set to hit the Wii U in the first half of 2016. Enjoy.


Here is a wonderful new Super Mario Maker commercial for everyone to check out. It seems like Super Mario Maker is making a huge impact all around the globe and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! I love checking out YouTube video’s of user creations and cannot wait to test out the games tools myself.

Check out the new extended Super Mario Maker and let us know if you purchased the title. Enjoy.

Nintendo Treehouse Super Mario Maker Workshop

The good folks at Nintendo Treehouse have produced a Super Mario Maker Workshop video so be sure to give it a watch above. Nintendo’s latest Mario game was released today, September 11th, and has received positive praise from nearly every news outlet. The game will kick things off for Nintendo’s holiday season and I really hope to get my hands on the game soon!

Check out the Nintendo Treehouse Super Mario Maker Workshop presentation and let us know if you plan on getting the game!

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