Here’s An Adorable Yoshi’s Woolly World PAX Trailer

If you are like me, you cannot get enough of Yoshi’s Woolly World. The game just oozes style and the cuteness factor should put a smile on anyone’s face. At this week’s PAX, Nintendo unleashed an all new trailer for the upcoming Wii U title, so be sure to check it out above. The incredible trailer shows the variety of Yoshi that you can find in the game as well as showing amiibo use.


Nintendo Showcases Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition For NA


Launching alongside the standalone version of massive Wii U role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X on Dec. 4 is a Special Edition overflowing with great content. RPG fans get ready, Nintendo has officially lifted the curtain on the upcoming special edition for Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii U.

Perfect for fans who want to experience everything Xenoblade Chronicles X has to offer, players who purchase the Special Edition at a suggested retail price of $89.99 will get a beautifully designed package that contains:

The Xenoblade Chronicles X game

A gorgeous book of concept art with more than 100 pages, featuring select art for the very first time

A unique USB drive modeled after the game’s “Lifehold Unit,” pre-loaded with a selection of 10 music tracks from the game’s memorable soundtrack

A limited-edition matted 5×7 art card of a painting done for the game by illustrator Takashi Kojo

Unique to North America, this Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition is now available for pre-order at select retailers nationwide.

Count us in Nintendo! We can’t wait.


Here is the North American commercial for the upcoming Super Mario Maker for Wii U. The Wii U exclusive looks and plays incredibly (I was lucky enough to get some hands on time with the title at Best Buy) and I can’t wait for it’s September 11th release. I would imagine that Super Mario Maker will help shift some hardware units for Wii U so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Check out the 30 second spot and let us know what you think.


Pokken Tournament Announced For Wii U And Coming Next Spring

It official everyone; Pokken Tournament has been announced for Wii U and is coming next Spring. The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today announced the upcoming release of Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U home console. Currently an arcade game available only in Japan, Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U will be released worldwide in spring 2016.

This is great news for Wii U owners who are looking for something to play on their systems come 2016 (besides Zelda of course). Check out the announcement trailer above.


If you have yet to test fire Splatoon Nintendo is going to give you another shot soon. Check out the trailer above and make sure you download the Splatoon test fire app on Wii U to play this popular game. Splatoon has been a surprise hit for Nintendo already shifting over 1.5 million units to date and they are looking to capitalize on the titles online success by giving players a chance to see what they’re missing.

Check out the “try for free” Splatoon trailer and let us know if you plan on downloading.

Zombi VS ZombiU Graphics Comparison Video

Want to see how Zombi looks compared to the Wii U version, ZombiU? Well check out the video above and take a look. Let me know what you think as I think both of the games are pretty comparable and the Wii U launch title has held up nicely. It will be interesting to see how Zombi compares gameplay wise with its Wii U counterpart…

Check out the footage everyone.


Nintendo has released an all new trailer for their smash hit Splatoon so be sure to check it out above. Splatoon has been a runaway success for Nintendo and the title continues to impress at retail. The game has already shifted well over 1.6 million units and has become quite the story for Nintendo.

Check out the “stay fresh” trailer and let us know what you think.

Take A Look At The Super Mario Maker Idea Booklet

Here is an incredible look at the Super Mario Maker idea booklet. Even though whomever was operating the camera should’ve turned the darn thing sideways, this short clip will give viewers a look at the gorgeous Super Mario Maker idea booklet.

Super Mario Maker is set to hit next month for Wii U.