Play Overwatch For FREE This Weekend

If you have yet to experience Overwatch (seriously, what are you waiting for), this weekend will be a good time to do so. Players can experience the incredible FPS absolutely FREE this upcoming weekend. Overwatch was once our Game of the Year and we still play it to this day! With its constant updates and lovable characters, I honestly don’t see myself stopping either.

Make sure you download it this weekend and check it out.


Here is an all new Kingdom Hearts III trailer for your viewing pleasure. If you are like me, I have been waiting for this for a long time and this trailer really delivers. It’s 2 minutes of Kingdom Heart III goodness and we already want more. Supposedly the game is headed to PS4 and XBOX One sometime in 2018, but I need a FINAL DATE for me to assume so. Kingdom Hearts III has been in development forever and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Enjoy the new trailer everyone.

Next Month’s Game Informer Cover Revealed

Next Month’s Game Informer cover has been revealed, so check it out above. The next issue of the popular magazine will feature the upcoming Metro Exodus title for PS4 and XBOX One.

I think this cover seems pretty attractive, don’t you?  I will eagerly await my issue in the mail.


Top off your health and shields in one big swig with the new Chug Jug coming to Fortnite Battle Royale on Jan. 25. This short and sweet trailer showcases the new item so be sure to check it out. The “Fortnite bug” has bitten me and I absolutely love the game. If you haven’t checked it out for yourself, make sure you download it now.


Is Fortnite Headed To Nintendo Switch?

Could Fortnite be headed to Nintendo Switch? Well if the games creative director Donald Mustard has anything to say about it, the answer could be yes. Epic’s CD took to twitter and answered a fans question regarding the game and the Nintendo Switch. Here is what the fan had to say on Twitter:

I play fortnite on pc but would love to play it on my switch , are you interested in making it fro the switch

To this, Donald Mustard replied “Yes. Yes I am. Hopefully we do that at some point”!

Call this a HUGE win if it actually happens for Switch owners. More as it develops.