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Halo: ODST Headed to The Master Chief Collection as a Free Update


343 studios has confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get the full version of ODST as part of a free DLC update. This has to come as welcome news for Halo: The Master Chief Collection owners looking for even more Halo fun. This collection has to go down as one of the best values ever in gaming.

Here is what the head of 343 studios has to say:

“The satisfaction and joy of our fans is absolutely critical to everyone at 343 Industries and we regret the issues and the frustration you have endured. We are truly sorry and thank you for your continued patience and support of the Halo franchise.”

Who is excited for this?

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Halo 5 Beta Customization Options Video

Here is an all new video for the Halo 5 beta that was released earlier today. The video showcases the different customizations that you will be able to do with your Spartan. The Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta runs from December 29 – January 18. Owners of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will gain access to the Halo 5 Guardians Beta on Xbox One.

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Evolve –– Wraith Interactive Trailer

Here is an all new gameplay trailer featuring the latest set of hunters and brand new monster Wraith. Experience the thrill of 4v1 from every perspective in an all new interactive, multi-channel trailer featuring commentary by Dave “DBSinclair” Blank and Justin “J-Party” Sousa.

Evolve is set to arrive on PS4 and XBOX One early next year. Enjoy.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Character Trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remake is due out in North America on March 17 in North America and March 20 in Europe. Count us in.

Enjoy the trailer everyone.

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Here Are Some Glorious, New Shots For The Witcher 3

Here is some glorious new shots for the upcoming The Witcher 3 game. The title will appear on the PS4 and XBOX One around miid year. The game is said to utilize every ounce of this new generation of consoles and we are pretty excited to see how things turn out. Check out the screens for The Witcher 3 and let us know what you think.

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Why Microsoft Needs to Keep The XBOX One Price at $349.99


Currently Microsoft’s latest home console is retailing for $349.99. Ever since the XBOX One has dropped to that aggressive price, the system has been selling out at retail stores across the nation. Every time we enter a retail store, we notice that the system is now sold out and seems to be a general trend since the big price drop.

$349.99 seems to be the sweet spot for the XBOX One and the gaming community has been rushing out to pick up Microsoft’s latest home console. The company has stated that this is a temporary price cut and the system will go back to its original price after this holiday season...

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The Witcher 3 Has Been Delayed to May 19th 2015


The highly anticipated PS4 and XBOX One title, The Witcher 3, has been delayed to May 19th 2015. Here is the official press release for your reading pleasure:

Dear Gamers,

Ever since we started working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we knew it would be an ambitious game. We wanted, and still aim, to give you an incredible experience, an epic adventure in a vast, completely open fantasy universe.

The sheer size and complexity of The Witcher, key features of the title, have had a decisive impact on production. Now, nearing the end of our work, we see many details that need to be corrected. When we release the most important game in our studio’s history, we must be absolutely sure that we did everything we could to limit any bugs to a level that will allow you to enjoy the game thoroughly.

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The Game Awards Live Stream

Live from Las Vegas, the video game industry unites for The Game Awards 2014. Watch it LIVE on right here. There should be a lot of amazing stuff headed our way so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Extended Cinema Trailer We Have Arrived

The FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD “We Have Arrived” trailer will appear in American cinemas nationwide in front of the season’s biggest blockbuster films! This extended version of the trailer, created especially for the fans, debuted on a special episode of Square Enix Presents with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata.

The Final Fantasy Type-0 HD release date is March 17, 2015 in North America and March 20 in Europe.

A voucher code to download a Final Fantasy XV demo will be included with copies of the title.

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All New Evolve Parnell Gameplay Video

Here is an all new Evolve Parnell Gameplay video for everyone to check out. James Parnell. Infantry, soldier, hero. The first man recruited by Cabot and Bucket in the fight to save Shear. Parnell serves as Cabot’s tactical specialist, developing new strategies to defeat the Monster.

Parnell does tremendous damage up close, at range, and with his Super Soldier ability, can almost…almost, go toe-to-toe with a Monster.

Evolve will be headed to the PS4 and XBOX One early next year.

Looking good to us.

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