Nintendo Showcases New Yo-kai Watch Commercial

Nintendo has put out another commercial for the newly-released Yo-kai Watch so be sure to check it out above. Yo-kai Watch is said to be the next “big thing” and the series has already taken over Japan. Because Yo-kai Watch closely resembles Pokemon, we think that this series will be around for quite a while. Check out the new commercial and let us know if you plan on catching the Yo-kai Watch fever.


Here is the official commercial for Yo-Kai Watch for Nintendo 3DS. Yo-Kai Watch is set to be the next big thing among the North American public so it will be interesting to see how the game does at retail. Yo-Kai Watch took Japan by storm when it was released so we think North America will follow suite.

Check out the Yo-Kai Watch commercial and let us know what you think. Enjoy.

Here’s The US Yo-Kai Watch Commercial

Here’s The US Yo-Kai Watch Commercial for your viewing pleasure. The game has been crazy-popular in Japan so we expect a big push for this one when it’s finally released. The 30 second spot is a little quirky but we think it ads to its charm. Check out the official Yo-Kai Watch Commercial and let us know what you think.

Is this the next big thing?

Mobile Browser Game of The Week; Yo-Kai Watch


It’s that time my friends; time for us to reveal our Mobile Browser game of the week! This weekly feature showcases a ton of different games that you can play directly in your smartphone’s mobile web browser or on your computers desktop. Today’s games feature the popular Yo-Kai Watch series. Our friends over at Poki have gathered together some awesome games so be sure to check them out on your mobile web browser.

First up is a “matching” photo’s type game and will tickle your brain. Find matching photos of Keita, Fumika, and Komasan in Memory! There are 20 pictures on the grid. Your job is to remove every identical pair. You can only look at two images at a time. Try to reveal Whisper, Fuyunyan, and Jibanyan! If you have ever played a matching game, you have played this but the fact that it features the Yo-Kai Watch characters adds a special charm to the classic game.

The next mobile browser featuring the Yo-Kai Watch series is Yo-Kai Watch puzzle. Move the jigsaw pieces together to solve the Yo-Kai Watch puzzle! This Disney XD game features every main character, including Keita Amando, Fumika Kodama, and Whisper. You must rearrange all of the scrambled shapes to reveal Keizo, Jibanyan, and Fuyunyan!

If you’re looking for some nice brain tinglers, these will be right up your alley. Make sure you tune in next week for another featured game. As always, thanks for reading.