Joy Con Controller Will Cost $79.99

Get ready to fork over some big cash if you want extra Joy Con controllers for Nintendo Switch. The innovative little devices will run $79.99 for a set of two. The Joy Con controllers were shown in detail during the Nintendo Switch presentation and feature some nifty components. The Joy Cons will feature HD Rumble as well as motion controls.

More as it develops.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller To Retail For $69.99

Nintendo’s pro controller for the Nintendo Switch will set you back $69.99. The controller will pack a punch however and will feature motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more. $69.99 is pretty steep for a controller but it does have a lot of functionality to it…

More as it develops.

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Live Stream

The day is finally here my friends! Here is the live stream for the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. The big show will outline what Nintendo plans to do with their upcoming home console and we couldn’t be more excited. If you are like me and LOVE all things Nintendo, check out my YouTube channel as I do a TON of Switch video’s there.


A TON of Nintendo Switch Accessories Leaked

Ahead of its big presentation, a TON of Nintendo Switch accessories have been leaked. From Zelda themed skins to car charging units, the Nintendo Switch is about to get a bevy of accessories and most of them look pretty enticing. I think I will be picking up a skin or two as well as a stand and the charging station for the joy cons.

Look for Nintendo to make a big splash THIS THURSDAY when it officially reveals the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch; My Top 5 Rumors

Nintendo will finally be showcasing the Nintendo Switch in its full glory this upcoming week and I put out an all new video on my YouTube channel stating which rumors I hope will turn out to be true. The system is set to release in March and the Nintendo Switch presentation will take place on Thursday, January 12th. If you’re feeling awesome, be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to the channel.

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Nintendo Treehouse Event on January 13th Showcasing Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that the Treehouse will be streaming an in-depth look at the Switch titles that were highlighted in the official presentation, after the show. The event will be taking place on January 13 at 9:30am Eastern and you can bet your bottom dollar we will be watching. Nintendo is set to officially reveal the system as well as launch details on January 12th so keep it here for more information. The Treehouse event should be very interesting as it will feature a ton of footage from the upcoming system and games.

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Nintendo Switch Rumors Surface Before Big Reveal

All new Nintendo Switch rumors have surfaced before the systems big reveal early next month and I had to make a video. Normally I try and shy away from every single rumor that pops up but this one has some credibility. Check out the video and be sure to let me know what you think.

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YouTube’s Most Watched Game Trailers For 2016

YouTube has once again produced a list of the most watched game trailers for this year, so check them out below. Battlefield 1 took top honors while the revival of Doom rounded out the top 10. Check out the full breakdown below and congrats to Battlefield 1 for racking up nearly 50 million views.

Here is the list:

10. Doom – Fight Like Hell cinematic trailer – 9.6 million views
9. Watch Dogs 2 – cinematic reveal E3 2016 – 10.1 million views
8. FIFA 17 – The Journey official trailer – 10.6 million views
7. Pokémon Sun and Moon – Starter Pokémon revealed – 10.8 million views
6. Overwatch – “Dragons” animated short – 14 million views
5. Clash of Kings – 17.1 million views
4. Gears of War 4 – Tomorrow – 17.1 million views
3. Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360-degree video – 32.3 million views
2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Reveal trailer – 35.9 million views
1. Battlefield 1 – Official reveal trailer – 49.8 million views


Nintendo NX: Home Console, Mobile Component?! NX Discussion Video

Hello again everyone! In this new Nintendo NX video, I take a shot in the dark about one of the features that could come with the NX and believe that maybe the mobile component will come in the form of a mobile companion app of sorts. It’s always fun to take a stab in the dark with Nintendo because they often surprise! If you’re feeling awesome, click that like button and share the video. As always, thanks for watching.

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