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Zombi U Demo Coming to Nintendo eShop Before December 15th

Ubisoft has confirmed that a demo for their newly released ZombiU will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop prior to December 15th. Reviews have been a mixed bag for this Ubisoft title so soon you guys will be able to decide for yourselves.

I always thought that the game looked pretty decent and depending on the review you read, the games has captured people’s attention.

Has anyone out there played the game?

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ZombiU – Demo Walkthrough

Here is a ZombiU demo walkthrough video. ZombiU looks to be one of the coolest Wii U launch titles and is set to redefine the survival horror genre. Given all the video’s and trailers I have seen thus far starring ZombiU, the game really looks amazing.

Will you guys be picking it up?

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All New ZombiU Walkthrough Trailer

Ubisoft has just release an all new ZombiU walkthrough trailer and you can check it out above. ZombiU is being developed exclusively for Nintendo’s forthcoming console and will be available at the systems launch. I applaud the good team over at Ubisoft for the tremendous efforts for Wii U and cannot wait to play this promising title.

Will you be picking up ZombiU when it’s released?

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ZombiU to Run in 1080P

It has been confirmed that the highly anticipated ZombiU for Nintendo Wii U will run in full 1080p HD. Another Ubisoft title, Assassin’s Creed 3, is rumored to be running at 1080p as well but nothing has been made official. Ubisoft is putting forth a tremendous effort with Nintendo’s upcoming home console and I will be purchasing at least 2 of their titles on launch.

Awesome news everyone.


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All New ZombiU Trailer for Wii U

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Gamescom 2012: ZombiU Trailer

Here is an all new ZombiU trailer and it looks intense. ZombiU looks like a very impressive start for UbiSoft and Nintendo WiiU and I will be very eager to get my hands on this one. I LOVE the survival aspect of the game and think that this game has the potential to be a system seller.

Be sure to watch the new ZombiU video and let me know what you guys think.

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Gruesome New ZombiU Footage

Here is all new footage of the highly talked about ZombiU for Wii U. The title has caught the attention of a ton of gamers and looks to be a launch title for Nintendo’s new home console later this year. This footage of ZombiU looks pretty gruesome and the game is coming along very nicely.

Enjoy the footage.

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All New ZombiU Footage

Here is some brand new footage of the highly anticipated ZombiU footage for Wii U. The game looks pretty intense and I applaud UbiSoft for their hard work for Nintendo’s next home console. Enjoy the new footage.

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ZombiU – 10 Minutes Gameplay in HD

Here is 10 glorious minutes of ZombiU in HD. The game looks absolutely fantastic and I applaud Ubi-Soft for their efforts with Wii U.

Will you guys be picking this one up on launch day?

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