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One comment to Twitter

  • Vita  says:

    Dear Gary green,
    I’m Vita, from
    I find ‘ Tap Tap Boom P.E. ‘ on App Store. It’s a very cool game. I’d love to recommend it to our website.
    Since 2011, 1000 + developers cooperated with us and 8800+ apps have been recommended to millions of visitors, such as: Lep’s World 2 Plus ( Highest Ranks: Top 9 in Games ), GroupShot ( Highest Ranks: Top 1 Photo & Video Apps ).
    Our editors are preparing an editorial review for ‘ Tap Tap Boom P.E. ‘. Your app will have chance to be recommended to our Homepage.
    We need more info to help us understand your app better, such as unique features, promo codes or press release.
    When will you send me the info?
    Best Regards,

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